• Prioritise your growth

  • Find the You that already knows the answer

  • Release what's holding you back

  • Move on, move up!           

I create a warm, supportive, and non judgmental coaching space for you to go as deep as you are ready to go into the core of what really matters to you. Fully focused on you, I listen, collaborate, and help you release the solutions, epiphanies and pathways you already have hidden inside you.


smile • laugh • explore • cry • release • rejoice • rebound


clarity • inspiration • acceleration • passion • empowerment  

If you’re ready to say YES to Yourself,  then get in touch for a free 20 minute consultation.


  • Leadership and Self Leadership Development

  • Team building

  • Soft Skills Toolkit

  • Out-of-the-box thinking

If you're looking for a fresh, original, vibrant workshop for your school, University or Business, my combination of coaching, music and other art modalities creates a stimulating and transformational learning event. 

Get in touch to find out more or discuss a bespoke package that addresses the needs of your group. 

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Authenticity, creativity, empathy, connection, confidence, risk taking, passion, intuition ... so much of what constitutes effective Leadership are these kinds of 'Soft Skills'. It's no surprise then that the arts - rooted as they are in emotional awareness, creativity and expression - are being turned to as a way to foster these essential Leadership traits. 

As an artist, coach and teacher, I bridge the gap between academic knowing and "aesthetic knowing"... the felt sense of these qualities. I cover the theory, and take it into practice with fun and stimulating activities that engage and enliven students, creating a valuable and lasting learning experience. 


Hello! I'm Todd, and I love to help people flourish, whether they're stuck in the mud or already in the air and just wanting to get to greater heights.

I have honed my capacity to hold deep transformational space through my personal journey as a songwriter, a music therapist supporting mentally ill suicidal teenagers, and as a qualified practicing coach and facilitator. 


• ICF (International Coach Federation) Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching from Animas

• ICF Accredited Certificate in Group Coaching and Facilitation from Animas

• BAHons in Communication Studies from Liverpool University

•DipHE in Music Performance and Theory from The Academy of Contemporary Music

•Foundation Course in Music Therapy from Roehampton University

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"Today's session was transformational. I feel so different. Thank you" Leora. L

"I have really enjoyed and benefited from my coaching sessions with Todd. He's very insightful but also has a great sense of fun about him if it suits the discussion. He has helped me uncover some long buried truths and feelings which are really helping me".  Vicki. K 

“Todd is really emotionally intelligent in his coaching. He helped me to sift through what really mattered to me and what my values are, and that helped me to make informed choices on the path ahead. I would really recommend working with him.”  David. W

"I have found Todd to be engaging and understanding. Without judgement he very swiftly empathises and helps expand perspectives and new aspects that have helped me explore in a safe, supportive and collaborative atmosphere". Stef. P

“I’ve been so lucky to discover Todd- he is an open communicator who is able to listen, provide strategies, explore my feelings to events whilst supporting me to find what method suits me. In just a few sessions I have made changes which I believe without his coaching I wouldn’t have made.” Samantha. M 

"I would highly recommend Todd - the sessions I had boosted my confidence and crystallised my thoughts." Charlotte. B




“The activities were fun and understanding through these means were much easier. The teamwork displayed was amazing; everyone was into the activity and trying to procure the best of the situation. For the future, the team would want more activities like these” K.R

“Very interesting and the tasks given motivated every group member to get involved. Since then team members were able to communicate with each other more than they used to” E.N

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“I found that the life coach had a very positive impact on my learning style in this workshop. I was 100% present all the time and I tried to take as much from his knowledge as possible.” R.S

“Due to enjoying this workshop and being able to open myself up to a different style of learning I found that without realising the material and content of the lecture sunk in quickly and enabled me to reflect on the previous workshops and how this one links to all of them”. CM



If you are interested in exploring whether I am the right coach or facilitator for you then get in touch. I offer a free phone/Skype consultation where we can talk in a bit more depth, and explore the possibility of working together.


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